7 reasons to hire a professional decorator?

When it comes to DIY, many people feel confident trying their hand at painting and decorating. It’s certainly less risky than attempting to carry out electrical or plumbing works. After all, a dodgy paint job won’t cause irreparable damage or make your property unsafe.

However, before you rush out to the local hardware store and stock up on rollers and brushes, here are a few reasons why it’s better to use a professional decorator.

Save time

We aren’t denying that you won’t be able to do a decent job of decorating yourself if you have the time and patience. The thing is do you really want to spend your time doing something that can easily be outsourced?

Most people vastly underestimate the time needed to prepare an area for decoration, apply the necessary coats of paint and touch up afterwards. An experienced decorator will know exactly how much work is involved and will be able to complete a project much quicker because they have the right tools, knowledge and skills.

Fixed cost

When you hire a professional decorator, you know in advance exactly what the cost of the work will be. At the outset, it may seem expensive compared to buying a couple of tins of paint and doing it yourself, but costs often exceed expectations when you go down the DIY route.

Despite what you might think, one-coat paint doesn’t always do what it says on the tin. If your paint doesn’t stretch as far as you planned, then you could suddenly double your cost. If you don’t already have the equipment, you’ll also need to fork out for rollers, trays and brushes.

Expert advice

Painters and decorators know what colours and textures work well together. They know what types of paints and papers create the look you want. They understand which colours and techniques open a room out or make a space look smaller.

A good decorator will be able to talk through your ideas and recommend appropriate styles, colours and textures for your property. This input can help you avoid making costly mistakes or having to live with a colour you can’t bear to look at.

Proper preparation

A professional decorator will understand exactly how to prepare your surfaces before applying paint or wallpaper. This comes with training and experience. Some surfaces need stripping, sanding or filling if you want a good finish.

Damp walls should be treated before decorating. Flaky, unsound, porous or chalky surfaces will need sealing. An experienced decorator will know which treatments, primers or undercoats are most suitable.

Professional equipment

Many people choose DIY to save money so are unlikely to splash out on expensive equipment. A good painting and decorating company will have high-quality brushes, rollers and other necessary equipment. This enables them to work more efficiently and create the required finish more easily.

They will also have dust sheets, furniture coverings and ladders. If scaffolding or platforms are required, they can source these and carry out works safely.

Knowledge, skill & experience

Painting and decorating isn’t as simple as slapping some paint on a wall. It’s about understanding opacity, knowing how to layer correctly, being able to cut in and create definition between colours. Knowing which type of paints are best for which surfaces.

Hanging wallpaper requires patience and skill. Every type of paper is different and needs to be handled slightly differently. Matching patterns and creating a seamless look is not easy and is rarely achieved by someone trying to wallpaper for the first time.


A quality finish requires good preparation, the right materials, appropriate equipment and skill. You may be able to create a nice finish yourself if you invest in quality tools and take your time.

A professional takes this work off your hands. They know how to create a finish that doesn’t have unsightly brush strokes or drip marks. They are skilled at cutting in, creating straight lines and sharp edges. An experienced decorator can hang wallpaper that looks seamless.

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