Abi’s Home

We were approached by Abi in October 2015. After recently completing an extension on her family home, she was hoping to have the bedrooms decorated in time for Christmas.

Our client had a clear idea of how her children wanted their rooms to look. Matt, aged 10, was hoping for a hunting lodge theme that would give his bedroom a sense of adventure. Maddi, aged 12, loved anything pink and glittery. However, Abi was open to suggestions for the master bedroom, and wanted a luxury, hotel-style finish.

Our Approach

Medusa Décor sat down with Abi for a full colour consultation, to help her find colours and paints that would be suitable for both her own bedroom and the children’s. Having selected the perfect décor for each room, Kelly went away to find paint and wallpaper that would slot in with the design.

After sourcing luxury glitter wallpaper at a fraction of the high street price, Medusa got the work on decorating the three bedrooms. Filling was required in places where the new extension had been fitted, to ensure a smooth, even finish. Once this was complete, Kelly and her team got to work on decorating the bedrooms.

The Results

In the space of a week, we created three stunning bedrooms for Abi and her children, each with their own unique theme and style but the same high quality finish. Our client was delighted with the results, and was able to enjoy Christmas in her home with the decorating complete in the new extension.

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