When painting extensive surface areas, roller techniques are time- and labour-intensive, which is why Medusa Décor specialises in paint spraying for larger projects such as heritage properties and commercial premises. Done well, spraying offers an even and long-lasting coating, perfect for busy working environments where décor must stand up to wear and tear.

Our experienced team uses high quality equipment to deliver seamless results through paint spraying, for a fast and effective way to apply a fresh coating to your surfaces.

Interior and Exterior Paint Spraying

Medusa Décor offers an efficient service to clients seeking reliable painting and decorating contractors for large projects. Where appropriate, we provide spray painting for interior and exterior surfaces, including ceilings, walls, fences, metalwork, doors and shop fronts. In doing so, we speed up the decorating process, skilfully applying a uniform coating with careful attention to detail.

Paint spraying also enables our team to access harder to reach areas, ideal for heritage properties, schools, and commercial spaces with high ceilings and challenging design. We have wide-ranging experience working across every sector, and understand the importance of minimising mess and disruption when undertaking paintwork.

Professional Project Management

As well as fulfilling your painting and decorating needs, Medusa Décor provides professional project management for our clients, ensuring that the renovation work stays within an agreed time frame and budget. We believe that preparation is key to any successful project, and will undertake extensive planning before any decorating takes place.

A design consultation will enable us to establish your requirements, from your overall vision down to specific colours. We can match any colour and use specialist techniques and equipment to achieve the desired results, to ensure you get the finest workmanship on every aspect of your project.

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